As an ongoing project, I am photographing the human form in chairs. By isolating elements of the chair, I hope to call upon the viewer to see the obvious in a different way. What is clearly an image of a chair becomes our instinctive self-projection. A detail of a chair translates into our human form.

Research confirms that a portion of the brain is wired to recognize the human face/form in random visual representations and in art. In the simple but sensuous lines and shapes of the chair, we may project a human recognition. The chair, in essence, becomes the viewer. It is with an economy of line and form that I hope to trigger this identification.

My intention is to use the least amount of information to convey the essence of an object or an idea in my work. The edges of the frame define meaning. The photograph no longer reads as a detail of an object that continues beyond the edges but becomes its own reality.

The title of this project is a play on Joseph Albers “Homage to the Square”