Margaret Kois is a freelance photographer based in the NYC area. She has travelled the world, shooting studio and location, assignment and stock….always with a love for adventure and a fresh and unique view.

Margaret draws on a wealth of experience and ideas to present every subject with imagination and style. Seeing the essence of the subject and transforming it with light and design is her aim.

Years of professional education combine with real world job experience. Advanced degrees in art and photography add to her versatility and direct, artful approach.

Luciano Pavarotti:
London Records,ESSENTIAL OPERA, Cover.
London Records: TOP TEN TENORS I&II,covers
Simon & Schuster:Herbert Benson,Cover TIMELESS HEALING
City Bank
Kidder Peabody,
Purina Dog Chow,pet care guide
Paul Mitchell Associate:KH Enterprises
Port Authority,NYC
Memorial Sloan Kettering
Connecticut National Bank
Glidden Packaging
US West
AT&T Public Relations
Cunard Line
GM Technical Center
Portland Opera
Hackensack Imaging Center
Hoechst Celanese Public Relations
Wenger-Kois Architecture & design
Michalski Studio – Architects